Shae Preece

Shae Preece

Having worked in Prime Central & South West London for the past six years, Shae has advised clients on the sale and acquisition of a variety of properties, from pied a terre studios to large family homes. He is experienced in advising developers and investors from the procurement of schemes, through to the design, layout and marketing strategies. Shae strongly believes in building long relationships with all of his clients by providing straight-talking advice, coupled with the guarantee that when he’s says he will do something, he will do it.

In 2016, Shae graduated with an honour’s degree in Real Estate, providing him with a greater understanding of the field, which has proved to be a most valuable foundation when advising clients over the years.

With his passionate and direct approach, he is well versed at collaborating with other agents, solicitors and finance brokers, to unlock the most proficient ways of his clients buying and selling.

Contact Shae on 01242 222722 or email