Top tips to help sell your property in Cheltenham

Selling your home in Cheltenham? Our experienced team are here to help you find the perfect buyer and the best possible price but there are a few things that you can do to help sell your property. Our team have put together their top tips to help appeal to potential buyers.

Create a good first impression

The first five minutes when someone steps into a new property for the first time are absolutely crucial. You often hear people say they fell in love with their home the moment they stepped through the door and this is exactly the feeling you want to achieve. Good quality photographs are a great way of getting a potential buyer interested in your property and to arrange a viewing. When it comes to the viewing, clearing the walk way or doorstep of your home will help put potential buyers in the right frame of mind when approaching your property. Maybe think about arranging a few hanging baskets to help make the entrance to your home welcoming.

Vacate the property

Although it can be tempting to be present during the viewing, you may end up taking comments from potential buyers personally. Similarly, prospective buyers may feel they can’t ask the estate agent questions or make suggestions about how they feel about the property and any potential changes they may want to make.

De-personalise rooms

Remove photo frames, personal items and trinkets where possible as this will help people to visualise themselves living in the property and increase the chances of them making an offer.

Create a pet-free environment

While you may be a pet lover – potential buyers may not be. Also, while you may have got used to certain pet smells, it can be off-putting to people looking around your home. While the viewings are taking place, make sure your pets are not in the property and any of their belongings are out of sight. Plug-in air fresheners can also help mask pet smells in your home.

Think of the seasons

Depending on the time of year someone looks around your home and the temperature and weather outside, it is important to create a welcoming environment and ambience to your home. If it’s winter, make sure your home is nice and cosy so prospective buyers enjoy coming into your property. Similarly, if it’s the height of summer, keeping the temperature cool and comfortable will also help to sell your property. Mood lighting will also help create a good atmosphere.

Ensure your home is clean and tidy

This may sound like an obvious tip but when you live in your home you get used to certain things. Before a viewing, make sure your entire home is clean and tidy. Don’t leave washing up drying on the side or clothes on display in your bedroom, and that small stain on the carpet you no longer see, make sure you remove it (or conceal it) as potential buyers will notice.

Our friendly and expert team of professional estate agents are always happy to offer tips and guidance when selling your property and will visit the property prior to a viewing to make sure it is looking its best ready for potential buyers to fall in love.