Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Home


Considering taking the leap and selling your home? You’re not alone, with many homeowners seeing the start of new year – and promise of Spring on the horizon – as the perfect time to make a new start.

Whilst you don’t necessarily need to make any changes to your home in order to get it market-ready, there are several tips and tricks you can do to get your house in as strong a position as possible, ready to entice those all-important buyers.

As property market specialists here in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds, our expert team are full of brilliant tips when it comes to small things that make a big difference to the sell-ability of your property. We’ve asked them to share their favourites…


It seems simple, but a fresh lick of paint can do wonders for brightening up spaces and making things look as clean and crisp as possible when selling your home. Wear and tear marks are inevitable, and whilst many buyers will be able to see through any surface level improvements needed, getting things looking tip-top before putting your home in the market can give you the strongest possible starting position.

Likewise, ensure you get those small home fixes done before you show your home to a potential buyer. Old leaks that have left stains, dripping taps, loose bannisters etc are all easy to ignore when they’re in your own home, but can be the first thing that a potential buyer notices for unfavourable reasons. For relatively little cost, getting any small niggles fixed ahead of going to market can make all the difference to first (and lasting) impressions.


A clean and tidy home will immediately feel more spacious to any potential buyers, whilst also helping them envisage their own things in your home without clutter getting in the way. Whilst it’s absolutely fine for your home to look lived in, ensuring areas are as clutter-free as possible will put you in good stead for setting a good impression from the off. This is the case for both indoor and outdoor spaces, so make sure you get the lawn mowed, bushes tidied and patio swept, with a trip to the tip thrown in for good measure should you have any old unwanted items lying around. If anything, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your hard work tidying things up too!


To help ease the process of a swift sale, ensure you have all necessary paperwork items at hand. From gas safety certificates to signed-off building regulations if you’ve had any building work done, having these ready to go will ensure the process can move forward both swiftly and efficiently, whilst saving you the headache of trying to source them in a panic further down the line.


Choosing the right estate agent for your own needs – as well as your home – can make all the difference when it comes to a quick sale. Do your research and get to know your area, familiarising yourself with the agents that operate within your region and property type. For example, if you’ve got a beautiful Cotswold cottage to sell, seek out estate agents in the Cotswolds with a history of successful sales of similar properties under their belt. Agents with relevant experience are likely to be able to market your home well to a captive audience, knowing everything from the right way to show your home off well in photographs, to the best places to advertise your sale. It’s also important that you trust your agent to act well on your behalf, negotiating well and managing your sale process effectively.


Whilst it can be tempting to go with the highest price suggested to you by an agent, this isn’t always the right way to go. Do your research and ask the agent(s) you’re considering to give you justification for the price they’re suggesting they market your property at, based on current market trends and average price per sq. footage in your area. Going too high can put a swathe of potential buyers off or – worse – leave you accepting an offer that’s then disputed or rejected by your buyers’ mortgage company. Alternatively, pricing your property too low may well encourage a quicker sale, but for all the wrong reasons, ultimately leaving you out of pocket. Go for the price that seems most realistic based on the market and what you’re hoping to achieve.

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