House prices rose 13 per cent in Cheltenham in 2017

Last year saw house prices in Cheltenham rise more rapidly than in any other part of the UK. House prices in Cheltenham jumped up 13% to £313,150 – that’s nearly five times the UK average of 2.7%.

The UK housing market as a whole saw a bit of a setback and the market slowed considerably compared to 2016 due to a slow economy, a squeeze on consumer spending and uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

The research from Halifax also found that while 15 of the fastest price-risers were in London and the South East, cities and towns in Wales, Yorkshire and the East Midlands also made the top 20. This is in stark contrast to 2016 where the list was mostly made up of regions in London and the south of England.

At Charles Lear & Co. we noticed this significant rise in house prices throughout last year. Many of the properties we were asked to sell, tended to exceed £300,000. With our wealth of experience in the property industry and the local property market in Cheltenham in particular, our professional and friendly agents always strive to find the perfect buyer and get the best possible price for your property. On average, we only have approximately five viewings on each property before a price is agreed and the property is sold.

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