House prices in UK up 5.2%, says ONS index

According to the annual data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), UK house prices have increased 5.2% in the year to August 2015. This is the same as the previous month, excluding England’s capital London and the South East where the increase was just 4.8%.

Prices increased in England by 5.6%, 0.8% in Wales, 2.9% in Northern Ireland and fell 0.9% in Scotland, says the latest figures. The data also shows us that the house price growth in England was driven by an increase in the East with an overall figure of 8.8% and the South East sitting at 7.4%.

London still remains on top as the English region with the highest average house prices standing at £522,000, with the North East being the lowest at £160,000.

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